Fall Registration for Rowing Club

Below are your Notre Dame Rowing club Fall and or Winter registration options with our club. Fall and winter are club programs not School based programs.
1. If rowing crew with ND rowing Club in Fall program must pay full price as per other athletes $375.00 this give you crew and club regatta you must attend 90% of practices to be able to seat race for regatta with us. If you are not interested in registration with our club and only to use Notre Dame Rowing Club name for regatta, Please see registration information below or go to step 2.

What an amazing summer we had congratulations to everyone on all your personal best. I am here letting you know of our upcoming registration again.

We now have Fall Rowing registration open along with our Winter registration as well please not both are Club programs not School based, Please note all Uniforms and regatta indoor and water are the responsibility of the athlete and will be sent invoice to pay
There is no registration paperwork to complete but the following steps must be followed to complete the registration process
  1. RCA registration follow instructions below for each program
  2. payment
Once both steps are complete then the registration process has been completed until RCA has been completed you are not fully registered and can not attend practice until this has been completed.
Follow all registration steps to complete the registration
  1. Complete payment
  2. Login into https://membership.rowingcanada.org/Join
    New to Rowing? Click the button below to come and try it out.
  3. find Notre Dame Rowing Club
  4. Join either
  5. A. Fall youth Competitive 2022
Once all these steps are complete you are fully registered

If you have any question, please let me know if you have registered with payment and RCA we thank you Coach will inform you the fall or winter regattas we will be attending.

2. If only register with Norte Dame Rowing club name for name use only cost is $150.00 each session. This gives no crew combination access or club equipment use.

3. Once register with club name only rental equipment cost will apply each use. Equipment will be assigned by our Head Coach only club athletes will have priority use over renters.

Rental cost for equipment is as follows per regatta for ND rowing club trailer only as long as room is available as per Head Coach direction. For all other regatta example USA and long-term rental additional charges will apply. All renters ( under 18 will be signed by parent or guardian)of equipment will sign waiver to use equipment for each use of equipment every time. Equipment is rented.

Rental cost per regatta Cdn only(long term or out of country additional charges will apply also)
Single $120.00
$60.00 per seat up to quad
Double $120.00
Quad $240.00